GABB 29.06.2023

In the well-established German-American Business Breakfast series, our club had the pleasure of inviting Melf Lorenzen to the podium. Melf Lorenzen is head of the American business of Deutsche Windtechnik AG, headquartered in Bremen. His presentation under the title “The hour of renewable energies in the USA market introduction success of Deutsche Windtechnik” drew much interest from invitees.

Under President Biden, renewable energies are currently experiencing a boom in the United States that clearly dwarfs the current pace of expansion in Germany. In this context, the USA is benefiting above all from the large area potential in wind-rich, virtually population-free regions. Even if statements by Republicans at the federal level doubt climate change and advocate the use of fossil fuels: Actions at the state level, like in Republican-governed Texas, show that state governments are aware and exploiting the great potential of renewables on both sides of the aisle.

Regardless of whether the question was over skilled labor requirements, assessments of the political situation or technical specifications, Melf Lorenzen knew how to competently satisfy the curiosity of his audience. Not only the American breakfast thus guaranteed a successful start to the day!