Mission Statement of the Carl Schurz Deutsch-Amerikanischer Club!

The club’s aim is to promote the intercultural relations and fellowship between the Federal Republic of Germany and Northamaerica , with a focus on the United States of America and Canada.

The club serves to support international communications and foster intercultural exchange through lecture series, cultural events, youth projects as well as sponsoring student travel.

The club has no political or religious affiliations and is an independent, non-profit organization working solely for charitable causes.

Our Approach

America is firmly anchored in Bremen's history - economically, culturally and socially. It was the City State's good relations to the United States of America which allowed Bremen and Bremerhaven to quickly re-connect with the global economy after the end of both World Wars.

Germany's reunification and the closure of the American military bases in Bremen and Bremerhaven ultimately put an end to the postwar period in this part of Germany. We have witnessed the beginning of a new era with a complex set of challenges and opportunities, in which the City State of Bremen takes a leading role in the flow of goods and tourists, in the center of high-tech innovation and in the context of ever-changing social and political landscapes in Europe. Moreover, the people of these two cities were able to extend their leading position as a hub for international logistics and trade in Europe and beyond.

The end of the Cold War also brought about change to relations with the United States. The Carl Schurz Society (Carl Schurz Gesellschaft), which was re-established in 1949 in Bremerhaven, and the German-American Club (Deutsch-Americanischer Club e.V.), which was founded 1989 in Bremen, joined forces when they merged after about 10 years of complementary cohabitation. This was the birth of the Carl Schurz German-American Club (Carl Schurz Deutsch-Amerikanischer Club e.V.) or CSDAC for short. This new non-profit, non-governmental organization has fused the long-standing activities of both organizations thereby pooling potentials and energies, in particular by

  • promoting the friendly relations between the USA and Germany in all economic, scientific, social and cultural aspects;
  • fostering the mutual understanding of the United States, Germany and the City State of Bremen, supporting collaboration at all levels of society and welcoming all those, who travel to Bremen, Bremerhaven or the northwestern coastal region for professional or touristic reasons.

The CSDAC provides meaningful contributions to the City State of Bremen as well as to the economically or politically associated regions by organizing effective activities, which promote the friendship between Germans and Americans. The Club welcomes all those, who would like to contribute to these activities.

Philanthropy and Charity

Carl Schurz German-American Club adheres to the principles of philanthropy. Mutual assistance and cooperation play an important role in our activities. In addition, we contribute to society by helping others help themselves.

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