Calendar of Events

30 November 2024

CSDAC/UNION: Thanksgiving Dinner

Saturday, 30.11.2024 | 18:00

In November, the festive Thanksgiving dinner takes place according to the US calendar and includes an authentic buffet with turkey and side dishes. This time, Christoph Weiss (owner of BEGO) will be the guest of honor and perform the ceremonial act. Meeting at 06:00 PM at the Atlantic Grand Hotel, Bredenstraße 2, 28195 Bremen. The […]

21 September 2024

CSDAC: German-American-Business-Breakfast

Saturday, 21.09.2024 | 08:00

German-American-Business-Breakfast at 08:00 AM at the Havanna Lounge. Guests and details will be announced in a timely manner. Contribution is 30,00€ for CSDAC members as well as UNION and HL members and guests.

24 August 2024

CSDAC/UNION: Summer Party of the UNION von 1801

Saturday, 24.08.2024 | 16:00

Traditional summer party of the UNION von 1801. Departure at 04:00 PM at the Waldbühne and with the Marie across the waters of the Bürgerpark (ca. 1.5h). Participation is free for members of the UNION von 1801 and the club; Accompanying people, members of the CSDAC and guests 15,00€ per person. The summer party will […]

14 August 2024

CSDAC/UNION: 221st Bremer Sessel

Wednesday, 14.08.2024 | 19:00

The 221st Bremer Sessel. Guest at the Bremer Sessel is Yvette Gerner, intendant of Radio Bremen. Start is at 07:00 PM at Haus der Wissenschaft, Sandstraße 4/5, 28195 Bremen or divergent at Sender an der Diepenau. Contribution for UNION members is free and 15,00€ for members of the CSDAC as well as guests.

04 July 2024

CSDAC: Independence Day

Thursday, 04.07.2024 | 18:00

Independence Day, 06:00 PM at the Waldbühne im Bürgerpark. Burger and salat buffet, 25,00€ for members, 30,00€ for guests. Registration by e-mail: The contribution must be paid in advance to the CSDAC account (IBAN: DE 20 0090 0109 9100 00)

22 June 2024

CSDAC/UNION: Opera visit at Theater am Goetheplatz

Saturday, 22.06.2024 | 19:30

On Saturday, the 22nd of June 2024 the “Theater am Goetheplatz” will perform the play “Die Liebe zu den drei Orangen” by Sergej S. Prokofjew. Contribution is TBD.

30 May 2024

CSDAC: General Meeting 2024

Thursday, 30.05.2024 | 18:30

Thursday, 30th of May 2024 at 06:30 PM at the Havanna Lounge, Am Dom 5, 28195 Bremen. This meeting is only for members of the CSDAC.

26 May 2024

CSDAC/UNION: Traditional “Spargelessen”

Sunday, 26.05.2024 | 12:00

12:00 PM at Grothenn’s Gasthaus Bremen Abregen. The price per person and asparagus with second serving will be 35,50€. When registering, you must clearly state if you would like to accept that offer or who would like to spontanously order á la Carte (without asparagus). The club invites you to a champagne reception. All orders […]

23 May 2024

CSDAC: German-American-Business-Lunch

Thursday, 23.05.2024 | 12:00

This time the German-American-Business-Lunch features Paul Erling as a guest. Before the lunch there is a typical US-lunch at 12:30 PM at the Havanna Lounge in der Neuen Börse. Contribution is 30,-€ for members of the CSDAC as well as UNION and HL members and guests.

26 April 2024

CSDAC: First “Stammtisch” as Wine-Tasting

Friday, 26.04.2024 | 18:00

The first “Stammtisch” at the new club lounge will be held at the “WEITBLICK-Meet” as a Wine-Tasting. The wine trading house Julius Kalbhenn will serve and comment on a program of US-specialities. Start at 06:00 PM im Tabakquartier 62, Loft 152 auf dem 4. OG, 28197 Bremen

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